Here's why I still trust using passwords

Here's why I still trust using passwords

Today most websites on the internet try to convince you to use the password-less feature, i.e. "Login with Google", "Login with Apple", etc; but I still go with the traditional option, using email and password. While many websites use third party login providers like Google or Apple, at the same time, they also increased their 🔑 password length limit. Which allows you to create super long passwords that are impossible to remember or even write it down. The reason I always chose to use email and passwords, is because when a third-party login service goes down, they affect all other services you have signed up using them. The idea of associating a service with another may sound convincing and easy to the typical users of the internet; but to me it is just unnecessary.

Benefits of Avoiding third-party login providers:

  • Prevents unnecessary login failures.
  • Prevents usage tracking and sensitive data sharing.
  • Can be easily stored locally on your machine or in your secure cloud password chain.

Benefits of Using third-party login providers:

  • Easy and fast login.
  • Prefills all required data in new websites, which is annoying in some cases when you want a different username; some websites allow you to change it and some do not.

Most times I use fifty character long passwords for any websites I sign up to; So I made a password generator website for myself 🕺 and everyone who wants a quick and fast password generator. For me, the benefits of avoiding third-party login providers outweigh the usage benefits. In terms of convenience I would recommend using the third-party login providers, but in terms of safety & privacy, the best option is to avoid them.