How To Achieve Good Design

How To Achieve Good Design

🎨 Here are my five design principles that can help you achieve good design.

😁 Good Design Is Honest #1

The product or app whatever the features it incorporates. It should be honest and should not trick the users into thinking it’s something else. Failing to be honest often leads to false advertising and disappointed users.

🤯 Good Design Is Minimal #2

Adding something more that isn’t required limits the efficient utilization of the product or app. And it is a big distraction for the user and a waste of resources.

😀 Good Design Is Understandable #3

An easy way to achieve this is to follow the 1st principle. Your product or app should not confuse the users. Using appropriate illustrations or typography often solves this.

🤩 Good Design Is Innovative #4

Don’t keep reinventing the wheel. Find new ideas for your product or app. Give the users a reason which is better than other competitors to choose your product or app.

😮 Good Design Is Aesthetic #5

Last but not least, choosing the right colors for your product or app is a vital decision. You should always consider support for color-blind users, and the design should blend in & still be noticeable.

By following these ✨ five design principles above, you can achieve good design.