How To Stay Safe When Using an Android Phone

Is my android smartphone safe to use?

How To Stay Safe When Using an Android Phone

Every minute someone's private information is being stolen from their smartphones. Also, you are selling your personal information without even knowing it.

Today I'll show how to stay safe when you're using an Android Smartphone. When I say Android smartphone, I can only relate to smartphones that use pure Android from Google. Before I continue, you should know the difference between a Pure Android and a Stock one.

Difference between Pure Android & Stock

Pure android is the simplest form of what you need; it comes with only Google's required apps. But some Stock Android comes with a bunch of bloatware, unwanted apps, unwanted customization, and unnecessary features. Some people may find these features extremely useful, but they are not worth it; because they contain spywares.

What is Stock Android?

You can find a stock Android on Samsung, Mi, Asus, Sony, etc. Some of these manufacturers also make the near-pure Android experience, Which is good because they don't modify the UX/UI. But it might include one or two apps that are not made by Google. The customization may consist of a Camera, Battery, Display, and Sound System from the manufacturer.

What is Pure Android?

It is the original version of the Android operating system from Google, which has only google apps. Also, this is the Google intended version of android we should use.

What is a custom Android OS?

You must have heard or seen these names:

  • OxygenOS
  • ColorOS
  • LineageOS
  • MIUI
  • Huawei EMUI
  • Funtouch OS

Most people think these are Android phones; They are just based on the Android operating system, so these devices cannot be called "Android Devices or Android Smartphones."

Google's design for the Original Android are carefully designed for the best user experience, but smartphone manufacturers just ruin everything by making custom androids. Custom androids changed people's perception of how good android is. The custom android operating system is the reason most smartphones fail, also requiring users to buy new android phones every 2 or 3 years.

Continuing with why it matters to stay safe when on an android phone, Only the Pure and Stock Android smartphones ensure that you're safe. In which you will be able to control the privacy and safety features as Google intended.

If you're not using a Pure Android smartphone, you are not safe. Using a custom android means your data is being stolen in some way without your consent. Also, you will struggle with incompatibility with many apps; such as banking apps, government apps, etc.

Here are some Pure Android Smartphones

You can always buy safer android phones on

If you are an iPhone user and never used a Pure Android device, you should give it a try. I'm sure you will find how much better android is when compared to iPhone iOS. I'm saying this because I use both android and iOS devices.